We offer 15-25-35-45 yards Containers. We can process a large list of commodities such as: construction debris, demo debris, concrete and asphalt, wood/brush, metals, glass, mixed ridges and film, styrofoam, drywall, cardboard and clean paper. All demo debris can be comingled, no need to sort.

Pricing List:

$450 – Container Service; Round Trip Hauling fee due to Customer lack of access, serviceability or inability to receive or place container.

$204/ton – Construction, Demolition and General Debris (plastics, glass, film, Styrofoam, cardboard)

$8 – For each additional mile in excess of 60 miles from point of haul/delivery origin. The first 60 miles are free/included.

$60/month each – LEED Reporting; Diversion Reporting (if applicable).